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Anxiety ReliefAre you the one? The 1 in 5 Americans that suffer with some form of anxiety today? 1 of 40 million Americans that suffer with anxiety disorders, out of those 40 Million only 33% of you will receive treatment of some sort, do you want to increase that percentage?

Many of the best treatments for anxiety relief are unusual, not the sort of recommendations you will hear from patients or psychologists. However, once you have tried some of these methods for yourselves you will be amazed with the results!

Delay Your Worry 

You may have heard advice that you should stop your negative thoughts in their tracks, a process known as thought stopping. This approach tends to backfire because the more you want to stop thinking about something, the more attention you focus on it and the more persistent it becomes.

Close your eyes, visualize a large pink elephant in the room, stop thinking about it for five minutes; you will most likely still be thinking of the pink elephant despite your best efforts.

Instead of actively trying to dismiss your anxious thoughts, you can postpone these until later. This is a different approach toward immediate anxiety relief by postponing your anxiety spell and then creating a “worry period” in the future. You will soon realize that you have greater control over your anxiety than you previously thought!

Take Deep Breaths

A conventional recommendation to relieve anxiety chest pain is to take deep breaths for a few minutes so that oxygen can enter your lungs and your body can relax. Some individuals take it to the extreme by bordering on hyperventilation which negates the positive effects of the deep breathing exercises.

The Solution: Sit on a chair with your back straight, your arms on the armrests and your body as relaxed as possible. Take a deep, slow breath through your nose for 5 seconds, hold it for 5 seconds and then breathe out slowly through your mouth for 5 seconds. Repeat as many times as necessary until your anxiety spell has passed;

The Rationale: You cannot be such a worrywart while you are holding your breath because your brain just cannot function in such a way. Just give it a go and see what happens to your anxiety levels.

Accept The Uncertainties

Your inability to accept the uncertainty of life itself adds to your anxiety. As a chronic worrier, you cannot tolerate unpredictability and uncertainty and so you want to control everything in your life including the people in it. When something doesn’t go according to plan, you start becoming extremely anxious even when you know that this won’t change the outcome.

The best anxiety relief in this case is to sit down, look around your environment, and start accepting that change, unpredictability and uncertainty are the spice of life. You will not get immediate results but you will realize that worrying will stop you enjoying the moment and ruin your future goals.

Let It All Out

Yet another unusual method for relief of anxiety is letting it all out. Instead of fighting it or postponing it you can tackle this yourself right now…

  • Scream at a mirror
  • Punch pillows
  • Break plates (cheap ones)
  • Go nuts in the privacy of your own home
  • Do physical activity, this releases natural endorphins which will boost your mood

Why not try all of these natural methods for anxiety relief and then see which one works best you?

How To Treat Your Condition

The easiest and fastest way to get relief from anxiety is to follow a simple step by step system. Here at we reviewed a number of programs that have been designed specifically for people who want to understand more about anxiety and overcome it.

Learn more here:

#1 Rated Option: The Linden Method (my personal favorite)
#2 Rated Option: Panic Away
#3 Rated Option: Driving Fear Program

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